KMUX-A30 is the highly flexible and reliable ATSC3.0 multiplexer for use in ATSC 3.0 based terrestrial HD/UHD broadcasting. KMUX-A30 enables multiplexing of MPEG-2 TS streams and ATSC3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams with broadcasting-specific signaling information.
Real-time multiplexing of MPEG-2 TS streams and ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams
Multiple streams processing according to the number of services
Signal input : MPEG-2 TS streams, ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams
Signal output : ATSC 3.0 MMT/ROUTE streams, ALP
Inter-operating with signaling servers
Low delay time operation
User-friendly system operation setup and monitoring